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About the Author

I have been involved with the magic of Disney for many years, reaching as far back as 1972 when my parents took me on my very first trip to Disneyland.  Years later I’d follow that with my first visit to Walt Disney World, and at that point the hook was set.  By the 1990s, I was a Co-Founder of a small software company, and I began developing software for six different divisions of The Walt Disney Company, including the theme parks.  It was a tough job, one which involved many occasions of photographing Disneyland and Walt Disney World before they were open to guests…riding attractions which I had all to myself, working within restricted areas, walking down Main Street, U.S.A. with all the lights aglow and music playing…but nobody in sight, even gaining access to Disney photo archives for hours on end.  It was through all of this that I began to discover the world of secrets hidden in the parks, the little elements which Disney Imagineers had intentionally placed as additions to the story.


Leveraging my ever-growing knowledge base about the parks, I began developing over a dozen Disneyland and Walt Disney World related apps for the iPhone and Android devices, with two of my favorite titles being Disneyland Secrets Gold! and Walt Disney World Secrets Gold!  Based upon the stories I’ve received from guests about how these titles have allowed them to see and experience the parks in an all new way, I set out to combine the two titles into one book, The Imagineers’ Secrets of Disneyland & Walt Disney World.


I am very proud of the quality of content within this web site and my new book.  As one who respects all that Walt Disney achieved and built, it is important to me that this content be not only entertaining, but also accurate and respectful, as well.  This is why, instead of finding crazy Internet rumors, you’ll find well-researched information, some of which has never before been published.  I think the information about George Lloyd is a perfect example of this.  Not only does it dispel an Internet rumor about how Walt came to obtain the miniature model of the U.S. Capitol displayed today in the “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” attraction, but it includes perhaps the first ever photo and quotes of Mr. Lloyd ever published in Disney related material.


I hope you enjoy reading about the secrets of Disneyland and Walt Disney World as much as I’ve enjoyed discovering, photographing, researching and sharing them with you.


Mike Fox

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