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"Since I was on Disneyland property during construction starting in late 1954, and the continuing additions over the next 60 years, I thought I knew a lot about Disneyland.  Wrong!  While reading The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Disneyland, I was shocked at how much I never knew.  Almost every page contained details that I had never noticed before.  On a future visit I will probably have to carry this book along with me so I can be as informed as your readers." - Disney Legend Bob Gurr


"Having grown up in the shadows of Walt Disney and Roger Broggie, I was delighted to read this book. Even as a summer season Cast Member while in college in the early 1960s, I discovered details about Disneyland unearthed by Mike Fox that were new to me.  Well done!" - Michael Broggie, Walt Disney historian and founder of The Carolwood Society and Foundation - Dedicated to preserving the personal railroad legacy of Walt Disney.


"There are some secrets in this book you just won't find anywhere else.  It's well-researched and well-written, and I definitely recommend adding this volume to your Disney library." - Steve DeGaetano - Disneyland Railroad Historian - Author: The Disneyland Railroad - A Complete History in Words and Pictures


"You'll love the Hidden Secrets & Stories of Disneyland by Mike Fox - I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Disneyland." -

Cover Photo: Tom Bricker

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Now Discover Over 250 of the Magical Hidden Secrets & Story Elements of Disneyland – Featuring Never-Before-Published Stories and Photos!


"Almost every page contained details I had never noticed before." - Disney Legend Bob Gurr

Each and every day, thousands of guests walk past, over and through hundreds of fun, entertaining and sometimes whimsical “secrets” and story elements, which the Disney Imagineers have purposely hidden throughout Disneyland for guests to find and enjoy.


With The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Disneyland, you’ll discover over 250 magical secrets, complete with more than 220 photos, including...


  • How you can have your very own V.I.P. ride up front with the Disneyland Railroad Engineers

  • How YOU can pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat

  • The magical story of how a guest recognized an error with the Disneyland telegraph…and fixed it!

  • The story behind the “Cigar Store Indian” on Main Street, U.S.A. and the medals around his neck – Told here for the first time ever

  • The first-ever published connection between the Mutoscopes of Main Street, U.S.A. and a young 12 year-old Walt Disney

  • The first-ever published story of why the Disney Imagineers purposely “misspelled” Jean Laffite’s name in the Pirates of the Caribbean

  • The story of why Walt never built Disneyland’s International Street and Liberty Street

  • The fascinating story of how Walt came to acquire the “Capitol of Disneyland” – Published here for the very first time

  • Where to find Disneyland’s feline “Cats Members”

  • The first-ever revealed story behind the large plane wing found in the Jungle Cruise queue and the meaning of its designation "NCA101947"

  • The fun story of how Walt settled on the design for the New Orleans Railroad Station

  • The first-ever-told story behind the whimsical book names found in Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

  • Over 220 photos, with many of Disneyland items and views rarely seen by guests

  • Includes many never-before-published secrets and stories which you won’t find in any other Disney related books, articles or web sites


And many, many more!  Over 250 in all!  Not a compilation of just facts, trivia or simply text without photos, but instead magical secrets and stories all arranged as a fun tour through the park, complete with photos.  Perfect for those who are brand new to Disneyland, as well as those who have been hundreds of times.  Now discover the magic behind the magic at Disneyland, and then be sure to check out the companion books: Disneyland In-Depth and The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Walt Disney World.  


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