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Don't Pass This By!

From the new book, The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Disneyland - Over 180 Secrets - Available on Amazon

As guests enter Disneyland, they’re excited about a day of fantasy and adventure as they rush through Town Square and down Main Street, U.S.A. towards their favorite attraction. At the end of their day, they’re often worn out from all of the fun they’ve had and are focused on leaving. As a result, thousands and thousands of guests walk right past this next Disneyland secret every day unaware it even exists.

When entering Disneyland, take a moment to enter the “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” attraction in the Town Square and discover a wealth of original historical models and works of art used in the design and construction of Disneyland, including beautiful large-scale models of all of Disneyland Park, Sleeping Beauty Castle and Splash Mountain, as well as original Disneyland ticket books, artifacts, artwork and more.

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