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A Call Waiting

From the new book, The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Walt Disney World - Available on

Now take a moment to step into The Chapeau, where you'll find an antique phone mounted on the wall. Most guests assume it's just a prop and walk right past it, but those who stop to investigate find otherwise. Pick it up and listen in on a fun turn-of-the-20-century conversation between a mother and her daughter, Annie. Annie's mother is surprised that ham has now reached 11 cents per pound, and with things now so expensive, she advises Annie to marry a man who has $300 in savings and earns at least $8 per week.

Note: The phone pictured here, which is a photo of the actual phone inside The Chapeau, courtesy of Dave Drumheller of, is a second generation Western Electric Picture Frame Front Model 317 Wall Telephone.

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