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A Mickey Mouse Plant?!

Such a thing exists, and you can find it at Disneyland!

Scientific Name: Ochna serrulata

Common Name: Mickey Mouse Plant

The Jungle Cruise attraction takes guests on a journey down the major rivers of Africa, Asia and South America amidst a dense overgrown jungle. To create an attraction which provided a realistic experience for his guests, Walt sent Disney Imagineer and expert horticulturist Bill Evans to these far off lands to gather indigenous seeds and plants and bring them back to Disneyland with enough time for them to get established, grow and fill in the Jungle Cruise attraction by the park’s opening day in July of 1955. One of the plants Bill Evans brought back from South Africa was Ochna serrulata, also known as the Mickey Mouse Plant. It's so named because of the configuration of the plant's bright red sepals and the way its black "ears" sometimes form an image of Mickey Mouse!

You can find a Mickey Mouse plant today in a container area next to a main entrance at the World of Disney Store in Disneyland's Downtown Disney. Look carefully amidst the leaves and you may spot it.

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