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Their Time is Near

This next secret is a bit of a light-hearted one, but a key element in telling the story of the Haunted Mansion. Pause for a moment in the queue and look at the lawn, as well as the plants in the large planters near the mansion itself. Notice anything different here? Disney horticulturists are some of the finest in the world, and they go to great lengths to ensure the landscaping all throughout Walt Disney World Resort is impeccable, be it at the Magic Kingdom or your hotel. Topiaries are shaped into whimsical Disney characters, flowers are blooming throughout the year, and every plant you see is green, lush and well-tended. However, here the horticulturists have purposely neglected the lawn and assorted plants of the Haunted Mansion so that they are brown, spindly…and barely clinging to life.

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