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My Thanks to You All!

Many people have contributed to the development of and my new book, The Imagineers' Secrets of Disneyland & Walt Disney World.  From Michael Broggie’s biography of his father and Disney Legend, Roger Broggie, and Jeff Baham’s exclusive story about the attic scene in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, to the Disney Archive’s providing a key date for solving a puzzling timeline, and Dave Drumheller’s big help in obtaining last-minute photos, many have played a role, large or small, in helping me write a title which contains not only quality content, but also family value entertainment which is respectful of the legacy of Walt Disney.  For that, I would like to thank you all…


  • Beth Green – ADisneyMom’

  • Bob McClain – Theme Park Press

  • Brian Hillman - George H. Lloyd Relative

  • Brain Hull – Voice Impressionist/Singer/Composer

  • Carrie Hayward –

  • Chip Confer –

  • Dave DeCaro –

  • Dave Drumheller –

  • Disneyana Fan Club – Cascade Chapter

  • Frank Reifsnyder – Walt Disney Imagineering

  • George Eldridge – Decoding the Disneyland Telegraph

  • Glenn Barker – Walt Disney Imagineering

  • Jack Ferencin – Hellertown, PA

  • Jeff Baham –

  • Jeff Kober –

  • Jenn Lissak –

  • Jim, Becky & Breanna Steele - Voice Talent

  • Jim Korkis – Disney Historian

  • Jordan Sallis – George H. Lloyd Relative

  • Michael Broggie – Disney Historian

  • Michael Campbell - President - Carolwood Pacific Historical Society

  • Mike Ellis –

  • Mike Westby – Disney App & Guidebook Author

  • Podcast

  • Steve DeGaetano – Disneyland Railroad Historian -

  • Tammy Benson – Golden Spike NHS

  • The Disney Archives



And most of all my parents, Richard & Roberta, for taking me to Disneyland for the very first time many years ago!


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