Walt Disney World Secrets

Below are some fun secrets found throughout Walt Disney World Resort.  Some may be familiar, while others you may be discovering for the very first time!


While this web site format limits the amount of information for each secret to only 500 characters, you'll find far more in-depth information, as well over 300 Walt Disney World secrets, complete with photos, in my new book, The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Walt Disney World.  Click on the "New! - Disney Secrets Books" link above to learn more.


Enjoy the Magic!


Mike Fox

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Norway's Tax Evading Secret
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Norway's Tax Evading Secret

The bricked windows of the Norway pavilion act as a protest against taxes. Residents of Norway were at a time assessed a tax based upon the number of windows in their home. Given glass was expensive, the tax assessors reasoned that the more windows a homeowner had, the more taxes they could pay. However, Norwegians cleverly evaded this "window tax" by boarding or bricking up the windows they felt they could live without. In this case, it was the higher windows in the tower.