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The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Walt Disney World!


"It's hard to teach an old mouse a new trick...but this book provides hours of surprises for the most knowledgeable of Disney fans." - Peter Whitehead - Walt Disney Hometown Museum


A fun and magical "E Ticket" read reveals over 500 secret story elements which the Disney Imagineers have purposely hidden throughout the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Featuring never-before-published stories and over 400 photos.  In fact, it's the only leading WDW Secrets book with photos...


  • Learn where to find Madame Leota, who appears in a mirror...outside the Haunted Mansion

  • Discover where to find over 100 Hidden Mickeys in one place...and see a photo of the smallest Hidden Mickey in all of Walt Disney World Resort


  • Find the hidden tribute to the Imagineers who created Pandora


  • Journey to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and discover the special hidden tribute to Mardjii, a Star Wars Bantha


  • Learn about how one lucky guest was called upon by Disney to help create an attraction - Published here for the very first time


  • Discover the contents of the message being sent in the telegraph scene of Spaceship Earth - Revealed for the very first time


  • Discover why the Disney Imagineers chose the design they used for the gas street lamps on Main Street, U.S.A. - Told here for the very first time

  • Discover exactly where to find the special Hidden Mickey that appears only once a year


  • See the ominous warning which 99% of all guests miss at the entrance to The Haunted Mansion indicating that all of your luck has run out...just as you're about to enter!

  • Find out why you should never ever walk down the middle of the street in Liberty Square

  • Discover the meaning of the items hidden in the rafters on Tom Sawyer Island - Revealed here for the very first time


  • And hundreds more!  Not just facts or trivia, but instead over 500 fun secrets and stories with more than 400 photos!   


Now discover the magic behind the magic at Walt Disney World!



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